A Simple Tip to KEEP the WEIGHT OFF This Summer

Usually, I have really good intentions at the grocery store. I always buy vegetables and stock up on some of my healthy staples. Lately, somewhere between paying for these good intentions and storing them in my fridge for the next week, I am suddenly throwing them all out because I was too _____ (fill the the blank) to make them. 

What has changed? Well, I’ve been living with loved ones who have very different eating preferences than I do (as I am sure you are too!). In the haze of moving and adjusting to my new life changes, I am suddenly finding myself eating things I would rarely eat... several times a week. 

We have all been there, right? in a similar situation or just in a place where eating healthy has lost its "shiny" newness and we are lacking inspiration. 

WHY do we eat poorly when we know what is so much better for us?

Simply put, will power alone isn’t enough. It wanes and fatigues and can only focus on a few things at once. it is SO much easier to eat what is out there. What is ready to go. 

So how did I break out of this rut?

I rearranged my fridge so that what is easy to see are the things I wanted to eat. 

So I put left overs, fruit I wanted to consume that day, hummus etc in tupperware right where my eyes first go. It is far from rocket science, but it is amazing how much more inclined I am to reach for the things I want. See the picture of my toddler saying she wants broccoli? I see options!

Of course, I am not asking you to abandon your crisper drawers ( high humidity for veggies and low humidity for fruit, please!). What I am saying is - bring these fruits and vegetables out of hiding the night before you want to eat them. Wash and place them right where your eye line is. I know- its different than what the family is used to- but trust me, totally worth it.

If you struggling and still need more ways to restart your weight loss and/or healthy eating, keep an eye out for the other tips I’m going to share next week. Oh, and of course, make sure someone is taking a good look at all your hormones so that you aren’t fighting an upstream battle.

Until next week!