The Best Way to Make Grocery Trips MUCH easier

It's Friday afternoon. Your stomach is giving you that all-too familiar grumble.

You open the fridge, and there is…. nothing.

Your produce and snacks for the week are either gone or too old.

SIGH.  If you are like me, the end of the week is a little bit of a danger zone.

It’s the start of the weekend so you naturally want to eat out more while seeing friends etc.

AND on a practical level, there is nothing left that is appealing

Is it just me- or am I the only one that is SO much less motivated to go to the grocery store as the week winds down?

So my latest solution?

Get produce or groceries delivered TO ME… on Thursdays.

door to door organics

Why NOT take advantage of automation and save myself time, energy, and probably money (eating out all the time is expensive!).

Maybe you aren’t sure if you really want someone else to pick out your fruit etc.

Or you are worried about cost. Its true- it’s a HUGE luxury.  

I had these same concerns, and am here to report that I have been pleasantly surprised.

If you want to give it a shot, here are some options for you!

1. Door to Door Organics (click the link for a special referral code!)
This is a weekly subscription, that you can try and totally customize.

I have been appreciating the restocking of fruit.

Above is the link to my referral code. $5 delivery fee for orders under $75.

2. Meijer
If you are looking for more than just produce, getting a membership with Shipt is a great idea.

Membership is for 1 year and you can get free delivery for groceries over $35!

This isn’t automatic- but it saves running around the whole store! You can even do all of your shopping without leaving your couch.

Give it a try! And let me know what you think!