Enjoy the Sun AND Keep your Skin Looking Younger

I don't know about you but I have been waiting for spring since Christmas. Now that the sun is roaring, let's talk about how to enjoy the sun and still give our skin a break! 

What's the big deal?

The sun’s UV rays damage our skin cells and cause mutations, which increases our ability to develop skin cancer. In addition, the sun ACCELERATES THE SIGNS OF AGING.

Use these 5 QUICK tips to enjoy the sun more safely. Your skin will thank you. 

  1. Try avoiding direct sunlight from 11-3PM. 
    This is when the sun’s UV rays are a lot higher

  2. Use tight woven cotton clothing if you need to be outside to act as a BARRIER, and its still breathable and light. 

  3. Use a hat, that is WIDE brimmed. Our faces are exposed to the sun so frequently they need extra protection.

  4. Use a high quality SPF and REAPPLY

  5. This one technically isn’t SKIN related, but find sunglasses that use 100% UV protection OR UV 400 protection

Happy SPRING.