My FAVORITE Supplement for Fighting Stress

Chronic stress can show up like abdominal obesity, pre-diabetes, headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, FEELING EXHAUSTED, or even stomach & reproductive issues.

When I see that stress is an OVERACTIVE part of your life, I start looking into why. HOW has your stress hormone, Cortisol, been affected?

Are you wired and unable to sleep, or sleepy all the time?

When are you the MOST tired in your day? How do you feel after eating?

These are just a few questions to start peeling back HOW the stress is affecting you.

Stress isn’t all-bad though. It protects us when we are in real danger, and helps us get things done, too.

The GOAL is to be able to WEATHER the stress in our lives a little EASIER.

There is a class of plant medicines that helps with this exactly.

They are called ADAPTOGENS. They help us build RESILIENCE to stress

My FAVORITE adaptogen is called Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera).


It has been widely used in the Indian subcontinent for centuries.

I've been putting in in my smoothie.

It’s exciting to me to see that the research is catching up- to what this herb can do. It has been more recently studied for its effects on lowering anxiety, improving insomnia, low sex drive, weight loss etc. One study showed that 60 days of use helped lower stress levels by 44%. [1]

I’m going to be talking about a couple more of my favorite supplements for stress on Wednesday 5/30, 6:30 at True Rest Float Spa in Farmington Hills.

If you are done having stress run your life, I'll see you there.

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