Wishing for a PAUSE button on life

I don’t know if you are having a good week or a bad week? A restful or a stressful week?


I was travelling all weekend and launched into a week full of late nights. (I had the pleasure of meeting some of you though, at Gilda’s club on Monday night and it was such a treat! I had a lovely time.)


If I’m being honest, it’s been a long week.


It didn’t go as perfectly executed as I hoped. I didn’t make all the dinners I had planned, or catch my workouts.


We all have these weeks and it can be entire months sometimes.


I wish I could just PUSH PAUSE on all areas of my life: catch up on sleep, catch up on cooking, chores, self care, time with my family, etc.


Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE my work- and I love my (day) job.


Like most of you, its ONE of MANY JOBS I have and one of many ROLES I play.


Like you, I am also a partner, mother, sister and friend.


Somewhere between all those roles, I can easily lose sight of “ME”.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 5.29.01 PM.png

I see this so much in patients, especially ones that are sicker right now than they want to be.  Ones that are caring for loved ones.


Life isn’t really going to give us a pause button- we have to create it.


It may not look like a weekly massage- although if you can do that, that’s AMAZING.


But it can look like moments of quiet, moments to sip tea, moments to walk alone with our thoughts.


It is in these times we CREATE a feeling of pause. And that stillness amidst the hustle of our lives, it feeds us.


It sustains us.


So take an intentional pause with me today. Take one everyday if you can. It is a secret to health. Mental and Physical Health. 


If life has felt more overwhelming than normal, reach out to any health professional for help. 


Be Well.