1. Does a history of cancer run in your family?

2. Is your lifestyle increasing your likelihood of getting cancer?

3. Are you confused and overwhelmed with too much information?

CANCER PREVENTION is a big buzz term. You can hardly watch the news or browse the internet without hearing about the latest cancer fighters. Everyone is a “so called expert” and you may not know who to trust or where to start. 

At AIM, our strategies are scientific and have evidence that they work.

We know cancer prevention, so you don't have to.

We work closely with your existing healthcare team to design an individualized, tailored program that will REDUCE your RISK and allow you to LIVE LIFE to the fullest.

What does a visit with us look like? 

At your first visit, we partner with you to get a detailed personal and family health history including your existing lab work and imaging. At the end of the visit, we have a clear idea of what YOUR individual risk looks like and order additional blood work and testing to fill in any gaps.  

At the second visit, we will review the results of the tests and blood work and recommend targeted natural therapies as well as a personalized diet and lifestyle plan that is guaranteed to knock back YOUR individual risk.