What is integrative oncology?

Integrative oncology is a developing field at the leading edge of cancer care where natural therapies are used alongside chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to help to prevent and treat side effects of treatment and preserve quality of life.

Integrative Oncology Specialists are board certified experts on the interaction between natural therapies, drugs and radiation. See oncanp.org or integrativeonc.org for more information.

As specialists, Dr. Roy and Dr. March help you to figure out which supplements, foods and lifestyle changes are safe, have evidence that they work and the right ones for YOU.

Dr. Roy does not offer alternatives to conventional treatment.

If you are considering alternatives to treatment, it’s strongly recommended that you still make an appointment with Dr. Roy so she can talk with you and your family about your choices and your concerns.

We take a team approach. We work with your oncology team and with our own associates: clinical nutritionists; therapists; trained advocates; certified nurse assistants, physical therapists to:

  • OFFER safe natural therapies evidenced to FIGHT CANCER

  • RELIEVE stress, insomnia and mood issues.

  • PROTECT quality of life.

  • MANAGE weight and sugar cravings.

  • PRESERVE joint, bone, kidney and heart health.

  • DESIGN a personalized exercise and nutrition plan.

  • THRIVE post treatment and achieve optimal wellness.

  • LOWER risk of recurrence.

  • MANAGE grief, pain and loss.

  • EMPOWER and EDUCATE you and your family.