Dr. Sruti March, ND


Dr. Sruti March, ND, joins us from her practice in California. She recognizes that the internet is swimming with advice about natural supplements, therapies and drugs. In a world where everyone is an expert, it is difficult to know: what actually works? What is safe? Dr. March helps our patients to find the right natural therapies by designing individualized plans so that you can take control of your health, feel empowered, and live well.

Dr. March earned her doctorate in natural medicine at Bastyr University, San Diego. She is board certified in integrative medicine with a special interest in prevention of obesity related health outcomes like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Dr. March earned her undergraduate degree in Bioengineering at UC San Diego. In the years after school, she played a pivotal role at a Fortune 100 healthcare company on drug development teams for Humira and Herceptin. Later she worked on clinical trials to build better stents that restored blood flow after arteries had narrowed or been blocked.

After 9 years in the health care industry, Dr. March realized that her exciting work in applying science and engineering to solve problems in medicine, was too focused on developing life saving procedures in the short term. The same people were coming back for more interventions and facing more serious complications over time.

Her work, while rewarding, forced her to reflect on how modern medicine was engineered to treat symptoms, but not able to get to the root of the issue. Dr. March began an intensive self study in the science of food and lifestyle as it relates to heart disease, fascinated by how simple changes could influence and reverse its course.

At the same time, she was considering leaving bioengineering for natural medicine, Dr. March’s grandfather was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The oldest grandchild in a family of 7, she was deeply sensitive to how a largely preventable disease could affect the whole family starting with the anxiety associated with diagnoses, the logistics around managing medical visits, the time and effort to heal from surgeries and long-term complications.

It was through the very personal experience of her grandfather living with and passing from cancer that Dr. March began to accept she had devoted her life’s work in treating the end result of relatively preventable health outcomes.

She immediately felt called to go to medical school- one that married conventional medical training with the best of the natural medicine world.

Dr. March is currently practicing in Bloomfield Hills. She was recruited to the state of Michigan in 2016 by Dr. Roy & Associates of Integrative Medicine. We are honored to have her join our practice and look forward to her expertise with our prevention and survivorship patients. 

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