"Natural Medicine" or "Naturopathic" Medicine refers to the use of vitamins, minerals, supplements, nutrition and herbs and physical therapy to reach your health goals.

What makes a natural medicine doctor different from a conventional doctor? Prevention is very important in natural medicine. To that end, natural medicine doctors treat the whole person. Rather than focusing on symptoms, naturopaths attempt to address root causes. 

The hard part can be finding the right clinician to work with. "Naturopathic Medicine" is an unlicensed term in Michigan. For that matter, neither is the word "doctor." This means that anyone, regardless of training, can call themselves a "natural medicine" doctor, "naturopath", "holistic" doctor, "integrative medicine" doctor..in Michigan. To find out if your natural medicine doctor has a doctoral degree from an accredited medical school, go to naturopathic.org.

To find out if your natural medicine doctor is a board specialist in complementary treatment for cancer, go to oncanp.org or integrativeonc.org and look for the letters FABNO after their name.