Testimonial 25

“Dr. Roy is a rare gift and treasure to the medical profession & naturopathic medicine. The diligence, passion, skill, knowledge and depths of her understanding of wellness; mind, body & spirit is evident.

She was a true blessing in ensuring not only medical information, tests were understood, but current and future goals were understood. There was an immediate level of trust, comfort and respect at the onset of our first visit.”

- SB

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Testimonial 24

“It is refreshing to meet with a doctor like this. She came in on a day off to meet with us. She spent time going through all our medications and explaining how they all worked together and this included the natural therapies. She took into account all of the things that I was struggling with, and even after taking what she have me for just a couple of days, I felt less pain, slept better and was able to get through my treatments for my cancer. I feel blessed to have met her and to have an oncologist who works with her. She really is a treasure to me and my family.”

- SM

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Testimonial 22

“Dr Roy is the best doctor I have ever been to, she gave us her cell phone, she comes in on weekends, when my wife was admitted, she sat with our family in the hospital late at night and explained what was going on and gave us comfort. She is professional, kind, and a miracle to our family. She has helped my wife be able to get through this tough diagnosis with none of the symptoms that other folks have had. I am grateful for Dr Roy.”

- JW

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Testimonial 21

“I have been seeing Dr. Roy for about 6 months. She has helped empower me to navigate the scary world of oncology. She never fails to offer me hope and sound advice. This has been my second round of chemo in a year, I truly wish I has been with her for frontline therapy. I have far fewer side effects using her recommendations. She always responds to emails and calls. Her staff are helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant. I recommend her services highly.”

- ST

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Testimonial 20

“I look forward to my meetings with Dr. Roy! She is an exceptional person and I'm grateful to have her as an integral part of my healthcare team. Dr. Roy helps me with my goal of optimizing my health following breast cancer. I feel very healthy now and can always count on warmth, compassion, education, and support from Dr. Roy and everyone else on her team” at AIM.

- FA

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Testimonial 15

“Dr. Roy is incomparable to other physicians. She listened to me in a way that made me feel truly heard, I was instantly comfortable. She time to map out my disease and how all the pieces go together.

I never felt I understood what was really going on with my care until I met her. She helped me to trust my cancer team, who were making the right decisions for me but until this point, I had not really been able to grasp what they were saying. She explained my labs and I finally feel I have a plan.”

- JD

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Testimonial 13

“She is the most caring compassionate Doctor spends a lot of time getting all the information about me and my illness and explains my treatment in a simple way so we can participate together as a team in a clear manner that I can follow my treatment plan When I leave her office I am very pleased with her approach feel well informed of my health and illness She suggests changes in my nutrition and exercise to promote good health and general well being I strongly recommend her”

- NM

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Testimonial 11

Testimonial 11

“Dr. Roy has helped me in a multitude of ways. I was ready to quit chemo until I found Dr Roy. She worked with my oncologist and helped me manage the side effects of chemo successfully. She has an abundance of knowledge and compassion. I didn't feel like I was just another patient. My visits were supportive and the plan of care was based on me as a whole person. I would recommend Dr Roy to anyone who has to fight the cancer beast. I couldn't have done it with out her.”

- CA

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Testimonial 10

“Dr. Roy has been an amazing from day one. I entered her office scared, uninformed about the type of cancer I have, and unsure about what to do next.

She spent well over an hour with me, helping me to understand why an integrative approach to traditional oncology would compliment my treatment plan and provide a better quality of life.

Due to her recommendations and how my body is responding, I'm confident about the level of care I'm receiving and optimistic about my future.”

- AD

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